How To Convert SVG to JSX

Since, I have started building Ultimate Blocks, I have been using SVG icons as the icon of the blocks. But to use them with the blocks, the better way is to convert them to JSX and use them. Here’s how I do it. Convert SVG to JSX Open the SVG file with any editor. Copy

Arrow Function in JavaScript

Arrow function is a different syntax for creating JavaScript functions. It was introduced with ES6. There are few benefits to them – they are much more concise than regular functions, they have implicit return which lets us write lesser code. We will get more into that later on. Arrow Function Syntax A normal JavaScript function

Understanding “let” and “const”

let and const are different ways of creating variables. We already know var. var creates a variable in JavaScript. Now the thing is, some variables never change. They are so-called constants. Technically they are. They are all just variables because JavaScript knows variable. With ES6, a version of JavaScript two different keywords were introduced –

Variables and Data Types in JavaScript

Variables and Data types are the basic concepts of any programming language. First of all, variables are like containers in which we can store values in order to use them over and over again in our code. By saving values, we don’t have to write them every time we need to use them. Data types