Ultimate Blocks : Blocks Plugin For Gutenberg

So, I just released a new plugin – Ultimate Blocks. It's built to work with Gutenberg Editor. If you don't know what Gutenberg is, it's the future editor for WordPress. Learn more about Gutenberg here. So, what's Ultimate Blocks about? Ultimate Blocks is a collection of blocks for Gutenberg. By default Gutenberg comes with all

How To Count Posts Number In A Custom Post Type

Recently for a little function in my WP Coupons And Deals plugin, I needed to know how many coupons were published. Coupons are added as custom post type in my plugin. And to my luck, I found out that WordPress already has function for that. As WordPress always does. wp_count_posts() is the little function here.

How To Submit Your First WordPress Plugin

Recently I submitted WP Coupons and Deals plugin to the plugin repository. It’s a plugin to show coupons and deals on your posts, pages with a simple shortcode. This is the second plugin I have submitted. Since it was my second one, things were pretty easier. But the first time, there were lots of confusions.

Load Stylesheets and Scripts on Specific WP Admin Pages

When we develop WordPress themes and plugins, it is essential to enqueue stylesheets and scripts with our plugins and themes. But most of the times we don’t do it correctly. And the result? Conflicts with other plugins or themes. Last few bug reports I got for my plugin WP Coupons and Deals were due to

Show Current Date, Month, Year in WordPress With Shortcode

I had some articles where I had to show the current month and year. Now it’s an annoying job to manually update all those articles once the month ends. So, I needed something that would update the month and year automatically. Hence, I created a shortcode. Now, instead of putting the month, I would just