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How To Register Custom Post Type in WordPress

Custom Post Type gives you more power to control contents on your WordPress site. Whether you’re a developer or webmaster, you’re likely to use them a lot. Before using them in your WordPress sites, you need to register custom post type. So, here in this quick tutorial you’ll know how to register custom post type […]

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Register and Show Sidebars in WordPress

This is a detailed post on how you can register and show Sidebars in WordPress. It also contains other useful things you need to know about WordPress sidebars. Sidebar is a theme feature which was introduced in WordPress version 2.2. It’s basically a widget-ready area which can contain widgets. Widgets are used to show additional information […]

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How to Add Scripts and Stylesheets in WordPress

WordPress provides wp_enqueue_script and wp_enqueue_style function to add Scripts and Stylesheets in a systematic way. If you’re wondering why you should use these functions when you can simply load them in header or footer, here’s why – by adding JavaScripts that way, you increase the chance of conflicting with other scripts.   Also, If we add […]

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