How To Count Posts Number In A Custom Post Type

Recently for a little function in my WP Coupons And Deals plugin, I needed to know how many coupons were published. Coupons are added as custom post type in my plugin.

And to my luck, I found out that WordPress already has function for that. As WordPress always does.

wp_count_posts() is the little function here.

So here’s how I used it.

‘wpcd_coupons’ is the custom post type here. You can put ‘post’, ‘page’ or any custom post type you registered.

The function returns an object with the post statuses as the properties. I didn’t want to count all posts. I just wanted to check how many published posts there were.

So on the next line, that’s what I’m doing.

To summarize, first I assigned the returned object to $coupon_count variable. Then get the number of published posts by accessing the property from the object.

Then you can do anything you want with that number.

Hope this helps.

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