Icons With Links Widget Plugin

I created this WordPress widget plugin to add icons with links to sidebar in WordPress sites. This is the first plugin I have ever submitted to WordPress Plugin Repository.

To my surprise, it was approved without any hassle.

What this plugin does is, it adds beautiful icons with links to your sidebar.

How is this useful?

With this widget you can add your important pages or reviews to your sidebar. This way you can engage your readers to those pages more easily.

You can see this kind of widget in sites like WPBeginner, Problogger.

How to Install This Plugin

Just like you would install any other WordPress plugin. You can install it in two ways.

First way

From WordPress dashboard, go to Add new under Plugins sections.

On the search bar type ‘icons with links widget’.

You should see it on result. Click on Install and then activate. You’re done.

Second way

Another way is downloading the plugin and installing it.

Download the plugin

Go to Add New from Plugins Section. Click on Upload Plugin button on the top.

Choose the zip file from your computer and click on Install Now.

Activate it and you’re done.

How To Add Icons with Links

After installing the plugin, you can see ‘Icons With Links Widget’ on your menu.

Go there. You will find two tabs. One is Settings tab and another is Create.

Settings tab looks like this:

Icons with Links Widget

First option lets you enable or disable the widget. Second Option takes the Widget Title that will shown on the widget. Next is Create tab.

Create tab lets you select icons, add text and links to the icons. Here’s how it looks like.

Screenshot shows just settings for one icon. If you scroll you can see settings for other icons too. Once you’re done, click on save button.

Next thing you have to do is, go to Widgets under Appearance section. Click on ‘Icon with Links Widget’ and drag it to wherever you want it to show.

Here’s an example of the widget:

And you’re done. Now you have beautiful icons with links in your sidebar.

Update 1.1

Now you can select color for your icons. Here’s how the color picker looks.

After saving your color selection, here’s how the widget will look like.

Over To You

It’s very simple plugin. I hope it helps you with your blog. If have any questions or suggestions, don’t forget to add them through comments.

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Yasar Ali

Hey Imtiaz,
I’ve not yet checked out the plugin but after seeing the screenshot, it seems the plugin would be the best tool for my blog.

Going to install it on my blog.
Thanks in advance.

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