How To Install A Package in Atom

How to install a package in Atom

Atom is an open source code editor which offers lots of controls and flexibility. With so many packages and themes to choose from, over the time it gets to your liking.

From Atom –

Atom is a text editor that’s modern, approachable, yet hackable to the core—a tool you can customize to do anything but also use productively without ever touching a config file.

If you are not using it, give it a try. If you are using it and haven’t got much into it, this quick tutorial is for you. This is a quick tutorial on how to install a package in Atom.

How To Install a Package in Atom

There are two ways you can install a package in Atom. One is from the GUI and another is from command line.

Installing Packages using the GUI

First, let’s check how to do it from GUI.

Open Atom, from File go to Settings and select the Install tab.

Search for any package using the search box and Click on Install. Here, I have searched for ‘WordPress‘, cause I want to install WordPress related packages. All packages from the directory is loaded below the search box.

I clicked on Install and ‘wordpress-api’ package will be installed. Once package is installed, you will see Settings, Uninstall, Disable options.

So, that’s how we install a package using the GUI.

Now, let’s see how we can install a package in Atom using the command line.

Installing Packages using the Command Line

I am on Windows, so here I will show you how to do it from Windows Command Line.

Open Windows Command Line by going to Run and type cmd.

By default, we are taken to C:\WINDOWS\system32

We’ll change the path to where apm.cmd file is located. For me it’s located in C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\atom\app-1.13.0\resources\app\apm\bin

So, now I’ll change the path to that using this line :

Now, we are in the path where apm.cmd is located.

Now, to activate the Atom package manager, we need to write

and press Enter. If everything worked perfectly, we should see something like this :

Now, in order to install a package we need the package name. Let’s say we want to install wordpress-api package. To install that we need to write :

Write this and press Enter. If the package is installed correctly, you’ll see this.

Once you see that done, that means your package is installed.

That’s two ways how you can install a package in Atom. Here you can find all Atom packages.

You can use any of them to install a package in Atom. Let us know, which way you prefer. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them through comments.

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