Ultimate Blocks : Blocks Plugin For Gutenberg

So, I just released a new plugin – Ultimate Blocks. It's built to work with Gutenberg Editor.

If you don't know what Gutenberg is, it's the future editor for WordPress. Learn more about Gutenberg here.

So, what's Ultimate Blocks about?

Ultimate Blocks is a collection of blocks for Gutenberg.

By default Gutenberg comes with all necessary blocks to create posts. Ultimate Blocks Plugin adds additional blocks to make your posts even more awesome.

Right now, I have added five blocks till now.

  • Call to Action Block
  • Testimonial Block
  • Notification Box Block
  • Divider Block
  • Spacer Block

Call to Action Block

Add a nice call to action blocks in your posts.

Ultimate Blocks is Awesome

Ultimate Blocks comes with a beautiful collection of custom blocks for Gutenberg editor. Spice up your Gutenberg editor with these awesome custom blocks. Get Ultimate Blocks now!

You can customize everything to your needs. From border color to button color, font size everything.

How cool is that?

Testimonial Block

As the name suggests, with Testimonial block you can add Testimonials in your posts.

Here's how the block looks.

Gutenberg makes it really easy and fun to create posts on your WordPress site. With blocks, you can do amazing things. Looks great!
 If you haven't use it yet, download , install and activate it now to experience a new way of creating posts in WordPress.

Imtiaz Rayhan

Developer, Ultimate Blocks.

We have a nice little image along with the testimonial content and author information.

One click and you have your nice little testimonial block.

Notification Box Block

You can use this block to show notification boxes in your posts.

Here's how the notification boxes look like –

This is a notification box. You can add anything you want here.

This is another notification box with a different style.

Yet another notification box with another style.

Simple and beautiful.

This can be useful to highlight important information in your posts.

Divider Block

Add divider between blocks, paragraphs anything you want.

This is a nice green divider. You can change color, size, height of the divider.

Spacer Block

With this you can add space between your blocks. Let' create a big space below.

And we're back after the space. Yay.

Over to You

Download the plugin.

Please remember, this only works if you have Gutenberg installed.

Let me know what you think about Gutenberg and Ultimate Blocks plugin. If you have any suggestions, questions you can comment here.

You can also check out the plugin on Github.

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