I am Imtiaz Rayhan. Software engineer based in Brooklyn, New York, Co-founder of DotCamp.

At DotCamp, we work mostly with code and content.

I have been coding for a long time now with various languages, frameworks and libraries.

But WordPress has been my focus for last few years. I got into WordPress development when we needed to change something in our WordPress blog.

So, blogging and content marketing was our main thing back in the day.

Then, I eventually moved more into coding and started developing plugins that would help bloggers and marketers with their journey.

Currently, I am working on few WordPress plugins that focuses on content for bloggers and affiliate marketers.

  • Ultimate Block – Gutenberg blocks for bloggers and content marketers. Make better, engaging content with Gutenberg aka Block Editor.
  • WP Table Builder – Drag and drop table builder plugin for WordPress. Create beautiful, responsive tables with better conversions.
  • WP Coupons and Deals – Coupons and Deals plugin for affiliate marketers. Make more money with affiliate coupons and deals.

Here, I will occasionally share short article, tutorials on WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and pretty much anything else.

You can check out the latest tutorials on the homepage.

You can connect with me through the contact page, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.