How To Select Elements in JavaScript DOM?

In JavaScript, the Document Object Model (DOM) provides several methods for selecting elements in an HTML or XML document. These methods allow you to access and manipulate elements in the document using JavaScript.

Here are a few ways to select elements in the DOM:

  • document.getElementById(): This method selects the element with the specified ID. For example: document.getElementById("my-element")
  • document.getElementsByClassName(): This method selects a list of elements with the specified class name. For example: document.getElementsByClassName("my-class")
  • document.getElementsByTagName(): This method selects a list of elements with the specified tag name. For example: document.getElementsByTagName("p")
  • document.querySelector(): This method selects the first element that matches a specified CSS selector. For example: document.querySelector("#my-element") or document.querySelector(".my-class")
  • document.querySelectorAll(): This method selects a list of elements that match a specified CSS selector. For example: document.querySelectorAll("p")

Once you have selected an element or a list of elements, you can use the DOM API to manipulate them. For example, you can change their content, styles, or listen for events such as clicks or key presses.

Here are a few more examples of using the DOM to select and manipulate elements in JavaScript:

// Select all elements with the "my-class" class and change their background color
const elements = document.getElementsByClassName("my-class");
for (let element of elements) { = "red";

// Select all paragraph elements and add a click event listener
const paragraphs = document.getElementsByTagName("p");
for (let paragraph of paragraphs) {
  paragraph.addEventListener("click", () => {
    console.log("The paragraph was clicked!");

// Select the first element that matches the ".my-class" selector and change its font size
const element = document.querySelector(".my-class"); = "20px";

// Select all elements that match the ".my-class" selector and change their text color
const elements = document.querySelectorAll(".my-class");
for (let element of elements) { = "blue";

In these examples, we are using different methods to select elements.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.