How To Use Objects in JavaScript

In JavaScript, an object is on of the data types and it is a collection of key-value pairs that represent a collection of data or functionality. Objects can be used to store and organize data, and to define functions and methods that can be used to perform actions on the data.

Here is an example of an object in JavaScript:

// Define a base object with data and methods
var vehicle = {
  make: 'Toyota',
  model: 'Camry',
  year: 2020,
  getDescription: function() {
    return this.year + ' ' + this.make + ' ' + this.model;

// Define a child object that inherits from the base object
var car = Object.create(vehicle);
car.type = 'sedan';
car.getType = function() {
  return this.type;

// Use the data and methods of the base object and the child object
console.log(car.getDescription()); // '2020 Toyota Camry'
console.log(car.getType()); // 'sedan'

In the code, we are defining an advanced object in JavaScript that includes data properties, methods, and inheritance.

The code defines a base object named vehicle that includes data properties (make, model, and year) and a method (getDescription()). The data properties store values for the make, model, and year of the vehicle, and the getDescription() method returns a description of the vehicle.

The code then defines a child object named car that inherits from the vehicle object using the Object.create() method. The car object includes a new data property (type) and a new method (getType()) that are specific to the car object.

Finally, the code uses the data and methods of the car object to log information to the console. This shows how we can use inheritance to create an advanced object in JavaScript that includes data and functionality from both the base object and the child object.

I hope you find this useful. Please comment if you have any questions.